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    Registered at the Daying Administration of Industry and Commerce with a capital of 50 million RMB in January 2013, Yongle Lake Tourism Investment & Development Company Limited is owned by Seven Star Energy Investment Group Company Limited (Seven Star), a company dedicated to industry investment. Seven Star was registered at the Administration of Industry and Commerce, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province in July 2003 with 100 million RMB in registered capital. After restructured to a shareholding system in August 2014, the company was renamed Seven Star Energy Investment Group and successfully went public at the regional capital market, a move that has further boosted its investment capability.

    Yongle Lake Tourism Investment & Development Company Limited was incorporated by Seven Star to orchestrate a strategic transition in sync with the Chinese government’s strategic objective to “vigorously develop the cultural sector, steadily enhance the development of a culturally strong socialist country and drive the prosperity of socialist culture” proposed at the 18th CPC party congress. The company’s investment project Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort broke ground on May 30th, 2014. Covering approximately 10,000 mu (1 mu = 666.7 sqm) of planned area (including the water area), the project costs 10 billion RMB and is to be completed in 5 to 8 years. The phase 1 project is slated to open to the public in 2016.

Date Venue Event
  October 2013 Chengdu
Seven Star announced the 10 billion RMB investment at the 14th Western China International Fair, revealing the mysterious veil on the Titanic and Romandisea project and triggering national attentions.
  November 2013 Hong Kong
Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort was granted the “Excellent Creative Environment-friendly Project” award jointly issued by the United Nations Environment Program Foundation, China Environment Protection Association and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Environmental Conservation Association.
  January 12th, 2014 Hong Kong
The “Unsinkable Titanic” Global News Conference opened in Shangri-La Hotel Hong Kong, presided by Phoenix TV anchor Sally Wu. Hollywood movie star Bernard Hill attended and was appointed lifetime honorary captain; Xinhua.net reported the whole event live; Wen Wei Po and West China Metropolitan Daily followed up and nearly 2,000 media outlets globally covered, drawing global attentions.
  May 26th, 2014 Wuchang, Wuhan
Construction of “Unsinkable Titanic” started at Shuangliu Shipyard of CSIC Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group, commencing work on the world’s only life-sized Titanic.
  May 30th, 2014 Daying
Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort Construction Commencement Ceremony & the 1st Global Times Tourism Forum opened; Xinhua.net, Huanqiu.com and Sina.com featured a live broadcast to global audiences, over 30 mainstream media including Wen Wei Po, Global Times, West China Metropolitan Daily and Chengdu Business Daily reported the event and China Central Television covered the news.
  March 27th, 2015 Boao
In the presence of emcee Yang Lan, former prime minister of New Zealand Jenny Shipley, chief representative of China’s WTO entrance negotiation team Long Yongtu and former head of the Commerce Department of US Gutierrez who also delivered keynote speeches at the main venue of the Boao Forum on the morning of March 27th, 2015, political and business leaders from countries across the globe, along with the press, witnessed the global inauguration of the Titanic Foundation, for which a grand press conference and launching ceremony were held. Assuming the sense of human responsibility, accountability and selfless universal love on its shoulders, the Titanic Foundation “set sail” globally at the forum. 

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