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“The Unsinkable Titanic” Global News Conference

      January 12th, 2014, Hong Kong, China. “The Unsinkable Titanic- Global News Conference” was staged in splendor in the Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong today, presided by the Phoenix TV hostess Sally Wu with Hollywood movie star Bernard Hill in presence and appointed the honorary lifetime captain. Chairman of Seven Star Energy Investment Group, Mr. Su Shaojun, General Manager Huang Li, the high-tech design team piloted by the GC High-tech Inc., as well as other personages and celebrities joined to witness the sail setting of the “unsinkable Titanic” in Daying, China. Apart from being broadcasted live by the Xinhua.net to the global audiences, the event was also interviewed by a number of domestic and foreign media organizations such as Wen Wei Po Hong Kong and West China Metropolitan Daily, and covered by nearly 3,000 media outlets across the world. The event received more than 300 million clicks on the day of the live broadcast and was viewed by 1 billion people worldwide.


Bernard Hill and Chairman of Seven Star, Su Shaojun


Bernard Hill and guests starting the Titanic “launching” ceremony


Sally Wu of Phoenix TV hosting the news conference

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