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1st Global Times Tourism Forum Staged in Daying

      P.M., May 30th, 2014, Daying, China. The 1st Global Times Tourism Forum was grandly opened today, with vice chairperson of CPPCC and father of the Chinese creative industry Li Wuwei delivering a keynote speech and hundreds of nationally known tourism experts, cultural and social celebrities such as Wei Jianguo, Zhou Jiucai, Ye Hao, Hu Xijin, Liu Beixian, Liu Jiawen, Wang Mingang, Fang Ye, Wei Pengju, Xiao Yongliang, Wang Liqun, Shi Mingfeng, Gao Jianling, Li Hui and Sima Nan in presence. According to experts on the sidelines, the “unsinkable Titanic” and the Romandisea project will after their completion attract 8 million to 10 million tourists, including over 1 million new foreign tourists, every year. Daying will thus become a truly world-class tourist destination in the next 3-5 years. Xinhua.net, Huanqiu.com and Sina.com delivered a live global broadcast on the day, while mainstream media such as Wen Wei Po, Global Times, West China Metropolitan Daily, Chengdu Business Daily, Chongqing Business Daily, Sichuan TV and Chongqing TV interviewed and the China Central Television reported the forum.

Guests Invited to the 1st Daying China Romandisea Global Times Tourism Forum

Li Wuwei
Vice Chairman of the 11th CPPCC and Father of the Chinese Creative Industry

Wei Jianguo
Secretary General of China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Zhou Jiucai
Deputy Head of the Policy and Regulatory Division of National Tourism Administration

Ye Hao
Deputy Secretary General of Asian Pacific Area Tour Union

Hu Xijin
Editor in Chief of Global Times

Liu Beixian
Head of China News Service

Li Hui
Renowned host of Phoenix TV

Wei Pengju
Executive Dean of the Institute of Cultural and Creative Research of Central University of Finance and Economics

Xiao Yongliang
Executive Dean of the Jingshi Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry of Beijing Normal University

Sima Nan
Social Critic and one of China’s first Top 10 Young Avant-garde Figures

Shi Mingfeng
Assistant President of Travel Channel

Wang Liqun
Member of the 10th CPPCC Henan Province and Professor of College of Chinese Language and Literature, Henan University

Wang Mingang
Executive President of China Chamber of Tourism, ACFIC

Fang Ye
Chief Editor of West China Metropolitan Daily

Liu Jiawen
Associate Editor-in-Chief of Xinhua.net

Su Shaojun
Chairman of Seven Star Energy Investment Group

Huang Li
Director of Seven Star Energy Investment Group

Main venue of Global Times Tourism Forum
Main venue of Global Times Tourism Forum


Guests taking group photos at Global Times Tourism Forum
Guests taking group photos at Global Times Tourism Forum

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