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“Unsinkable Titanic” to “Set Sail” in Daying Today

Grand Construction Commencement of Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort

Chengdu Business Daily E-version, May 30th, 2014

      The “Unsinkable Titanic” and its master project—the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort will kick off their construction in full momentum today in Daying County, Suining, Sichuan Province. We have learned that the ship will be the world’s first life-sized remake of the original Titanic.


      A major high-level international tourism forum—the Global Times Tourism Forum sponsored by the Global Times news agency will be held in Daying on the same day. The first forum will be held in the theme of “International Solutions and High-tech Experiences for the Development of Chinese Tourism”. The Global Times Tourism Forum is temporarily decided to be a biennial event that will permanently locate in the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort in Daying County, Suining City, Sichuan Province.


      In the Spotlight


      New Titanic Slated to Open in 2016


      Captain Actor of Movie Titanic, Bernard Hill Appointed “Captain”


      Construction on the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort will start in full in Sichuan’s Daying Cuonty today and is slated to open its first batch of attractions in 2016 which will include the world’s first life-size rebuild of the Titanic. It is rumored that the actor of the captain in James Cameron’s film Titanic, the famous British actor Bernard Hill will be employed the “captain” of this “unsinkable Titanic” to fuel the official “sail setting” of this centennial liner.


      Join Hands with Hollywood and Disneyland


      The Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort will officially commence construction today. According to chief executive of Seven Star Energy Investment Group, Su Shaojun, introduced at the Western China International Fair 2013, the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort is expected to cost 10 billion yuan and will be jointly built by China, Hollywood and Disneyland teams. Consisting of natural Mediterranean scenery and culture, tourism, shopping, recreation and vacation functions, the resort will be built into a harrowing international resort for cultural tourism and vacation based on high-tech experiences that is immune to the changes of night and day, seasons and climate built per international standards. To commence construction today, the project is expected to open its first attractions to the public in 2016.


      Featuring Three World Firsts


      Su Shaojun claimed that upon completion, the project will create three world firsts: the world’s first full-size remake of the Titanic, the world’s first manmade indoor sky & seaside beach resort and the world’s first dynamic three-dimensional performance theatre featuring interactive technologies. Meanwhile, the project will also house two of China’s firsts: the first high-tech experience-based tourism resort and the first manmade indoor sky & waterfront commercial street in mainland China. In addition, world leading technologies will be applied to build an international cultural tourism complex, experience museum for world blockbuster movies and prime Chinese and foreign cultures, ancient Q i-style town, Turkish spa, airfield for business jets and mountain and aquatic park.


      New “Titanic” Built in Full Scale of the Original


      Regarding the widely watched new “Titanic”, Su Shaojun expressed that to be built in full size to the original, it will recreate the brilliance of the Titanic, an Olympic-scale ocean liner that sank at its maiden voyage when it collided with the iceberg in April 1912. As the largest passenger liner of the time, the Titanic set off from Southampton, England in its maiden voyage towards New York, America via Cherbourg Octeville France and Queenstown Ireland. At 11:40 P.M., April 14th, 1912, the ship wrecked into an iceberg and sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later at 2:20 A.M. on April 15th when the ship split into two parts and fell to the bottom of the Atlantic.


      The recreation of the history by James Cameron through the movie Titanic once touched countless people. Some experts in the tourism community believe that the Titanic houses memory of the history and embodies the spirit of universal love presented via real actions in front of disaster, so that such a cultural project will help boost tourism caliber and inspire the soul of contemporary tourists.


      Chairman’s Words


      Seven Star Energy chairman Su Shaojun:


      Spread the Eternal Titanic Spirit


      The purpose of Seven Star Energy’s investment to rebuild the Titanic in Sichuan’s Daying County is to promote the Titanic spirit that is destined for eternity. The new Titanic will be a life-size remake, instead of a simple replication. That has two meanings: firstly, it will maximally recover the 1912 Titanic to allow today’s people experience of life on the Titanic a hundred years ago; and more importantly, the most fundamental intent is to let people re-experience the thrills of the shipwreck and inspire the universal love and sense of responsibility shown by most of the passengers when the Titanic sank.


      Experts’ Words


      Liu Simin: “Creativity + Quality” Promises a Brilliant Project


      The well known tourism expert and special researcher of the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Liu Simin stated that as a flagship attraction of the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort, the “Unsinkable Titanic” project is an imaginative tourism project of choice. Experience in tourism development has proved that any project combining creativity and quality is destined to be a brilliant one.


      He claims that tourism has become an important element of the public lifestyle. And tourism in the age of the mass will feature a return to the nature and curiosity towards human civilization, which, in essence, is a rebellion of domestic life. He is convinced that a “mobile society” is approaching us, and as a happiness-oriented industry, tourism can no longer be described by phrases such as “rising industry”. It will be proven a highly visionary act to dedicate to and invest in the tourism industry.


      Another Tourism Icon in Sichuan


      Situated in the center of the Sichuan Basin, the 703-sqkm Daying County home to 570,000 people is famous for its 4-A tourist destination—the “Chinese Dead Sea”. The approximately 10-billion RMB mega tourism project-- Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort was officially settled in Daying County, Sichuan Province at the 14th Western China International Fair. Comprised of both Chinese and western cultures, this modern high-tech tourism project is funded by Seven Star Energy Investment Group. After completion, it is expected to become another tourism icon of Sichuan with global implications.


      Home to rich tourism resources, Daying County possesses the foundation to offer tourism around the year and across the region. Planning and designing of the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort not only adheres to the principle of ecology and environment friendliness, but also plays an exemplary role of amplifying the role of a single project for jobs creation. Upon completion, Daying will realize not just “four-season tour” and “full-region tour”, but also “day & night tour” via the help of many high-tech tools. Officials at the Daying County government expressed the determination to build a cultural tourism resort comprised of tourism, sightseeing, recreational, vacation, cultural and entertainment functions. The principle of balancing environmental protection with development will be adhered to in the efforts to build ancient Qi state culture, salt culture and ecological cultural brand, and protect the drinking water resource while ensuring flood control. Sophisticated infrastructures such as water irrigation works and roads will be provided, and developments will also be built in sync with the general management of the Qi River, the new town constructions and construction of the cultural industry park.


      Tourism Forum


      Gathering of Famous Host and Distinguished Guests


      On International Trend of Tourism Development


      Global Time Tourism Forum to Open in Daying, Sichuan


      As one of the major highlights to kick off construction of the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort, the Global Time Tourism Forum will open in Daying County today.


      The subjects covered will range from the development trends of world tourism, analysis of successful cases and the elements hindering development of Chinese tourism, to how to inject cultural factors into tourism projects so as to build in-depth experience-oriented tourism. The Global Times Tourism Forum is expected to not only feature Phoenix TV anchor Li Hui as the presider, but also see the presence of top figures like the “father of Chinese creative industry” and vice chairperson of the 11th CPPCC, Li Wuwei and secretary general of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Wei Jianguo. Theme of this year’s forum will be “International Solutions and High-tech Experiences for the Development of Chinese Tourism”.


      The Global Times Tourism Forum is temporarily set as a biennial event that will permanently locate in the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort in Daying County, Suining City, Sichuan Province. Executive of the Global Times explained yesterday that the forum is built as a high-level international platform of communications to meet the international development trend of the Chinese tourism sector. Aimed at prompting the international communications in tourism culture, the forum seeks to consolidate the top-class resources in domestic and overseas political, business, academic and media communities in a drive to build the most influential platform in the Chinese tourism sector. (by Wang Rong)

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