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Daying Sichuan to “Revive” Titanic

Built in Life-size for Tourists to Experience the Classic Movie Scenarios

Exterior Rendering of Titanic

      Report by Chongqing Morning Post (Reporter Wu Guofu) While the original Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic 102 years ago, a super luxury ocean liner 11storeys high, 270 meters long and over 46,000 tons heavy will “re-emerge” in 2016 and “sail” to Sichuan’s Daying County approximating the megacity Chongqing. It will be the world’s first life-sized “Unsinkable Titanic”.


      To Build in Wuhan and Assemble in Daying


      At the Construction Commencement Ceremony for the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort & Unsinkable Titanic held on the morning of May 30th, Su Shaojun, chairperson of Seven Star Energy Investment Group claimed that the 1 billion-RMB full-size remake already started construction in Wuchang Shipyard on May 26th. The floors, ropes, furnishings, décors and even chinaware of the restaurants on the ship will be life-size replica of the original.


      He revealed that the company paid millions of dollars to attain the blueprints for the original Titanic, despite the fact that barely anyone has seen a complete blueprint after the ship wrecked in 1912. The company spent years of efforts to finally collect most of the drawings for the ocean liner.


      According to our information, the revived “Titanic” is being built by Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group. The “parts” will be made at the Shuangliu Shipyard of Wuhan and then transported to Daying for assembling.


      Experience of the Iceberg Collision


      Executive of Seven Star Investment Group in charge of the project, Huang Li stressed that the company will replicate not only the fashionable tourist commodities such as the sapphire gem “star of the ocean”, but also the steam power system and boilers used in the age of the industrial revolution. To offer tourists an experience of the Titanic’s collision with the iceberg, they will also build an experience house in the bottom of the liner where tourists can relive the disaster in the simulated steering room. He said the ship will open around the clock together with the 10-billion investment-- Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort. Tourists can tour and experience the ship during the day and rest in more than 800 luxury guestrooms onboard or try out the classic move of “flying” at the tip of the ship. Hollywood team is hired to work on the project. And the director Cameron, leading actor Leonardo and leading actress Winslet of the film Titanic are expected to come and witness the rebirth of the Titanic together with tourists.


      Pioneering Three World Firsts


      According to Su Shaojun, the ship is just one of the projects housed in the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort which in total costs nearly 10 billion RMB and will be jointly built by Chinese, Hollywood and Disneyland teams. Comprised of natural Mediterranean scenery and culture, tourism, shopping, recreation and vacation functions, the resort will be built into an awesome international resort for cultural tourism and vacation based on high-tech experiences that is immune to the changes of night and day, seasons and climate built per international standards. Upon completion, the project will create three world’s firsts: the world’s first full-size remake of the Titanic, the world’s first manmade indoor sky & seaside beach resort and the world’s first dynamic three-dimensional performance theatre featuring interactive technologies. In addition, the project will also house Romandisea International Cultural Tourism Complex, 6D movie theatres and high-tech performance center among other amenities.

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