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Romandisea Pioneering 3 World Firsts Officially Breaks Ground

      The famous Hollywood movie star and actor playing the captain in James Cameron’s film Titanic, Bernard Hill for the first time revealed the mysterious veil on the Unsinkable Titanic in January 2014 by the Victoria Bay, Hong Kong, starting its path of rebirth. With the full start of construction on the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort on May 30th, this centennial ocean liner has taken another solid step on its rebuilding path.

      Apart from the official start of resort construction, the day also saw the grand opening of the first Global Times Tourism Forum in Daying. The “father of Chinese creative industry” and vice chairperson of the CPPCC, Li Wuwei and secretary general of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Wei Jianguo engaged in in-depth discussions on the international solutions and high-tech experiences for the development of Chinese tourism along with over a hundred of industry elites from home and abroad.

      By Zhang Chu, Journalist of Wen Wei Po


      Romandisea, a Benchmark Project for International Transformation of Chinese Tourism

      A grand ceremony was held by the Qi River to kick off construction on the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort and Unsinkable Titanic on the morning of May 30th. As a benchmark project for the internationalized conversion of the Chinese tourism, the project drew extensive attentions. At the ceremony, Seven Star Energy Investment chairman Su Shaojun offered a holistic interpretation of the project; Gao Jianling, president of GC High-tech Inc. Asia that headed the Hollywood and Disneyland teams shared design of the project; chairperson of the project contractor China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp. 3rd Company and Southwest Company, Li Jian introduced construction of the project; while builder of the unsinkable Titanic, CSIC Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group elaborated on the building cycle and technologies for the ship.

      Introduced at the Western China International Fair 2013, the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort which costs nearly 10 billion yuan will be jointly built by China, Hollywood and Disneyland teams. Consisting of natural Mediterranean scenery and culture, tourism, shopping, recreation and vacation functions, the resort will be built into an astonishing international resort for cultural tourism and vacation based on high-tech experiences that is immune to the changes of night and day, seasons and climate built per international standards. After completion, the project is expected to pioneer three world firsts: the world’s first full-size remake of the Titanic, the world’s first manmade indoor sky & seaside beach resort and the world’s first dynamic three-dimensional performance theatre featuring interactive technologies. Meanwhile, the project will also house two of China’s firsts: the first high-tech experience-based tourism resort and the first manmade indoor sky & waterfront commercial street in mainland China. In addition, world leading technologies will be applied to build an international cultural tourism complex, experience museum for world blockbuster movies and prime Chinese and foreign cultures, ancient Qi-style town, Turkish spa, airfield for business jets and mountain and aquatic park.

      In his speech, chairman Su Shaojun noted that the news of remaking a full-size Titanic at Romandisea garnered enormous attentions from domestic and overseas media, which has fully proven that the spirits of responsibility and universal love demonstrated during the Titanic shipwreck are still living deep in people’s hearts. That has cemented their confidence in the Titanic and Romandisea project. Seven Star Energy Investment Group will rebuild a truly unsinkable Titanic and turn it into a place to pass on and experience the great Titanic spirits. On behalf of Seven Star Energy Investment Group and Yongle Lake Investment, chairman Su Shaojun pledged that the company will strictly adhere to the Titanic sense of responsibility and propel the progress of project construction with full throttle so as to present the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort as soon as possible.

In his speech, President Gao Jianling expressed his feeling of honor to take part in the planning and designing of the world’s first Unsinkable Titanic and the Romandisea. To make this project a truly major international tourism resort and present details in perfection, they have invited Hollywood, Disneyland and Universal Studios teams to participate in designing the project. The design team will introduce world leading experience technologies such as indoor artificial sky technology, virtual tour simulation technology, dynamic virtual reality technology, dynamic 6D simulation technology, aerial view giant screen technology and robotic technology to bring tourists the world’s top high-tech entertainment experiences.

      Executive at the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group, contractor for the Unsinkable Titanic noted that they will work with Seven Star Energy Investment Group and GC High-tech Inc. to restore the original appeals of the Titanic. Driven by the company’s result-oriented spirit and the Titanic sense of responsibility, they pledge to build a monument of human spirits and civilization, and thus pass on the human virtues, ethnics, kindness and the unbeatable human civilization. Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group will try its utmost to represent the Titanic in strict accordance with the requirements of the Seven Star Energy Investment, and present this one-of-a-kind unsinkable Titanic in the world’s east and China’s Daying.

      After hearing the presentations, the guests also bestowed high comments on the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort. Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Li Wuwei stated that, “Once fully completed, the project will become a new tourism icon of China featuring both high tech and international characteristics!”


      Global Times Tourism Forum Pioneering Internationalization Voyage of Chinese Tourism

      Apart from the official start of construction on the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort and Unsinkable Titanic, the first Daying China Global Times Tourism Forum also garnered extensive attentions in the Chinese tourism community on the same day. Aimed at promoting international communications in tourism culture, the forum is temporarily set to be a biennial event permanently located in Romandisea, Daying, Sichuan. The first forum will be held in the theme of “International Solutions and High-tech Experiences for the Development of Chinese Tourism”.

      Vice chairman of CPPCC and “father of Chinese creative industry”, Li Wuwei delivered a 40-minute keynote speech at the forum. In his speech, he pointed out that creative tourism is the inevitable choice for the tourism industry to accommodate the market demands for new changes as the world entered an age of knowledge economy. The current tourism market has evolved from a “mass sightseeing” age to an era of “mass recreation”, personal experience and “fun economics”. Whereas sightseeing was focused in the past, many concepts have emerged now, such as recreational and personal experiences and “fun economics”. We regard creative tourism as a new model of tourism development in which we utilize the thinking patterns of creative industry and creative models to consolidate tourism resources, inaugurate tourism products and forge a tourism industry chain. It is not a re-classification of the current tourism products or the simple propositioning of a new type of tourism industry; instead, it stresses the renovation and recreation of the traditional tourism development model. It enlists re-shaping the tourism industry system to form an all new tourism development model in sync with the remodeling of the modern society and economy. Li Wuwei explained that it is an excellent strategic choice for cities and regions rich with tourism resources to develop creative tourism in order to realize new transformation of the tourism industry chain and complete the chain. Even regions lacking natural tourism products can boost their appeals by developing historic and industry resources.

      Besides the keynote speech, two feature dialogues took place at the forum. In the first dialogue, editor in chief of Global Times Hu Xijin, head of China News Services Liu Beixian, senior speaker at the “100 Forum” Wang Liqun, independent scholar Sima Nan and editor in chief of West China Metropolitan Daily Fang Ye presented in-depth analysis in the international solutions for Chinese tourism development from the cultural perspective, and proposed their suggestions on how Daying can leverage local environmental and cultural resources to build a high-tech cultural tourism project on a par with the world market. In the second dialogue, chairman Su Shaojun discussed from the perspective of industry development subjects concerning high-tech cultural tourism and international matchup with Executive President of China Chamber of Tourism ACFIC Wang Mingang, Executive Dean of the Institute of Cultural and Creative Research of Central University of Finance and Economics Wei Pengju, and Executive Dean of the Jingshi Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry of Beijing Normal University Xiao Yongliang among other distinguished guests.

      Executive in charge of the organizational committee of Global Times Tourism Forum, Huang Li noted that the forum is built as a high-level international platform of communications to meet the international development trend of the Chinese tourism sector. “The tourism sector is transforming across the globe, and tourism consumption is undergoing greater fundamental changes in China as well. As tourists raise their tourism consciousness and perception, their pursuits have transformed from simple sightseeing and adventures to personal and emotional tourism experiences. Our tourism sector has yet to follow up with such a conversion of demand however. Landscape and sightseeing-oriented resorts have therefore begun to face multiple problems, such as the decline of appeal, slowdown of consumption growth, drop of economic returns and damages on the attractions. The very reason we are building such a platform today is to fully integrate the domestic and foreign resources, streamline the latest developments in the Chinese tourism sector, and help the sector to promptly identify the latest market needs and accommodate accordingly, thus driving the Chinese tourism sector to develop in the international direction in a more stable way.”

      General Manager of Seven Star Energy Investment Group, Huang Li told our reporter that the forum was held in Sichuan not only because of the vigorous supports offered by the local government and businesses, but more importantly the tremendous valuable experiences that Sichuan offers for upgrading tourism in China. Apart from exchange of international experiences, the place provides a number of existing tourism archetypes for references, such as those in Daying County. In Huang Li’s opinion, the upgraded version of tourism industry is quickly rising in Daying and has already shaped its own unique model that qualifies it to communicate with the world. One most classical product is the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort that claims 3 world firsts and 2 national firsts.

      “Objectively speaking, the original mountain and water resource in Daying is quite remarkable, but not so distinguished when compared to such renowned resorts like the Valley of Nine Tibetan Villages and Mount Emei. Daying however was able to play up its strengths and avoid its weaknesses by focusing on experience-based tourism. The Chinese Dead Sea is one excellent example. The Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort this time is more of a world-class high-tech experience-based resort that stands on the height of international perspective and fully utilizes its quality resources. This allows Daying to not only stand out from sight-seeing tourism, but also quickly ascend to the role of leading tourism upgrading and remodeling in China. It is therefore only nature to host the Global Times Tourism Forum in such a place.”

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