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Enter the “Unsinkable Titanic”, Unveil Romandisea



December 2013, American and Chinese Romandisea design team (some of the core members) in in-depth discussion on the spot in Daying, Sichuan





4 dream teams for the Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort

Located in Sichuan’s Daying, the project will claim 3 world firsts and 3 national firsts.

      West China Metropolitan Daily: How will the Titanic realize its “rebirth”? And what does the Romandisea have to rewrite the development of Chinese tourism? Our reporter interviewed the teams behind the scene to fully unveil the powerful teams behind this new tourism icon and their dream of an “international tourist resort”.

      Under the witnesses of global media and top figures, the widely reputed and world’s first life-sized Titanic remake, the “Unsinkable Titanic” and its master project—the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort kicked off full construction in Daing County, Sichuan Province on May 30th.

      This major event glued attentions from medias across the world, and marked the birth of a new Chinese tourism benchmark featuring both high-tech and international characteristics.

Hollywood team joins to resurrect the Titanic in full

Designer: GC High-tech Inc.

      Incorporated in California, America in 1994, GC High-tech Inc. boasts rich designing and creative experience in theme parks and theme experience-oriented projects. Its partnerships comprise of well-known design and machinery manufacturing firms in the Disneyland family, original team the created the cartoon images of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, and laureates of Oscar lifetime achievement award. Thanks to first-rate design concepts, the company is able to provide complete portfolios for theme parks and experience-oriented recreational projects globally using the latest creative expertise, and has thus become an accomplished international firm in its domain.


Gao Jianling, Asia President:

      My colleagues and I are proud to take part in this project

      We highly identify with the planning concept of Seven Star Energy Investment Group for this project. To make this project a truly major international tourism resort and present details in perfection, we have invited elite teams from Hollywood, Disneyland and Universal Studios to participate in designing the project. We will introduce world leading digital technologies such as indoor artificial sky technology, virtual tour simulation technology, dynamic virtual reality technology, dynamic 6D simulation technology, aerial view giant screen technology and robotic technology among other latest technological achievements and experiences to perfection in the project.

      As one of the key projects of the entire resort, one of our major jobs is to resurrect the Titanic in full. Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort is a remarkable project. My American colleagues and I are proud to take part in the planning and designing. A ten-billion investment to build a new tourism benchmark in China

Investor: Seven Star Energy Investment Group Company Limited

Found in 2004, Seven Star Energy Investment Group Company Limited is the parent company of the well-known hydropower project investor and developer—the Seven Star Energy Group which has invested in several major projects in China and abroad. Driven by a strong devotion to the Titanic spirit, the company has decided to recapture the glory of the original Titanic and demonstrate and pass on the Titanic spirit by rebuilding it in the new ten-billion-RMB project-- Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort.


Chairman Su Shaojun: Build an International Tourism and Vacation Resort

      It took merely 7 months to officially start construction of the project from the day the deal was signed at the Western China International Fair, which fully reflected the tremendous faith we had in Daying and the project. We believe we will be able to present an all new product and surprise to Daying, Sichuan and to the Chinese tourism industry.

      It is worth mentioning in particular that this will be a major international resort for cultural tourism and vacation with a lofty soul and spiritual pursuit. The “Unsinkable Titanic” we will build in the resort features strong memorial significance and inheritance value. It’s a result of careful considerations that has garnered extensive attentions and strong supports from around the globe. We are rebuilding it and hopefully turning it into a place to pass on and experience the great Titanic spirit. We aim to build the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort into a world-class tourism destination harboring a lofty soul.


General Manager, Huang Li: To Be No. 1 in the World

      We have positioned our project to be No 1 in the world. By far, the project has pioneered three world firsts: world’s first life-sized Titanic remake, world’s first interior manmade beach, and world’s first high-tech three-dimensional performance theatre. In addition, we also claim two 2 national firsts: the first high-tech experience-based resort and first interior manmade waterfront commercial street in mainland China.

      Thanks to joint Sino-American cooperation, this project will be built into a thrilling high-tech experience-based international cultural tourism and vacation resort consisting of Mediterranean landscape & culture, tourism, shopping, recreational and vacation functions open around the year uninfluenced by the sways of day and night, seasons and climates. We have full confidence in the project, and will therefore invest 10 billion yuan to create an international tour and vacation destination that will offer responsibility education, high-tech experiences, sports fun and high-level health services. We hope to have your continued attentions on the progress of this project.

We feel significant responsibility to build the Romandisea

Contractor: China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp. 3rd Company and Southwest Company

      China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp. is a company holding special EPC certification for house and building projects in China. For over half a century, the company has left footprints across both China and overseas, including a great number of key national and local projects such as the Changchun First Automobile Works, the first heavy machinery plant in Qiqihar, Daqing oil refinery, Deyang Heavy Machinery Plant, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The company is known for building “high, large, quality, top and new” projects in China and abroad, many of which are large and super-large projects featuring tight schedules, high quality requirements and difficulty level. It is therefore a well tested major corporate entity recognized in both domestic and foreign markets.


Chairperson Li Jian: Make sure to present the project to this world in a timely fashion

      What we have contracted is a remarkable major landmark project. This project is set to change the regional value of Daying and claim a very important position in the future tourism landscape of China. We have therefore reorganized our workforces to form the strongest management and construction team to participate in the construction of the project. We will devote entirely to the construction work through scientific organization, exquisite construction, full enthusiasm and momentum. We also solemnly promise to turn this project into a first-rate model project in the world while ensuring security, quality and schedule, so that this new tourism icon of China will be presented to the world as quickly as possible. The position of Daying will hopefully be further boosted in the world of experience tourism! We will fully recapture the Titanic. Titanic builder: CSIC Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group

      An affiliate of China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited, Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd (WSI for short). incorporated in 1934 is a major modern conglomerate focused on military manufacturing and shipbuilding that was listed as one of the 156 key construction projects during the first five-year plan period of China. The company is capable of designing and building 300,000-ton ships, and is empowered by an international R&D and marketing system for upscale ships.


Wang Xiaobo, General Manager’s Assistant

      Building work in full momentum

      As the contracted builder of the unsinkable Titanic project, WSI is responsible of the shipbuilding and interior work. Construction of this gigantic ship started on the morning of May 26 at the Shuangliu Shipyard.

      I already heard of the news that Sichuan’s Daying was to build an unsinkable Titanic before I got in contact with the Seven Star Energy Investment Group. My first response was that was just another trick to attract attentions and would end up building nothing more than a concrete model. After initial contacts with Seven Star however, I realized in surprise that they were really serious and committed to fully resurrecting the Titanic! We were very fortunate to take on this tremendous task to build not only a ship but a monument. Driven by the company’s result-oriented spirit and the Titanic sense of responsibility, we pledge to build a monument of human spirits and civilization, so as to pass on the human virtues, ethnics, kindness and the unbeatable human civilization.

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