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Huang Yanrong Inspecting Development of New-type Urbanization and Tourism Industry in Daying

News by: Suining Daily, Daying Special

December 17th, 2014

When inspecting the development of new-type urbanization and the tourism industry, Vice Governor Huang Yanrong stressed


      Maneuver the advantages and develop characteristics


      Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry


      Report by He Guanghua and Heng Haisheng. Vice Governor Huang Yanrong visited Daying on December 10th where she surveyed and made her instructions on the development of new-type urbanization and the tourism industry, stressing the importance of scientific planning and green development solutions in the urbanization process to achieve sustainable development. She also instructed to stick to high-level planning and development, tap into the advantages, develop characteristics, build quality projects, create brands and thus accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry to build a feature tourist destination. Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government Wang Qizhang, head of Sichuan Construction Department He Jian, head of Tourism Bureau of Sichuan Province Hao Kangli, as well as Secretary General of the Party Committee of Suining City Yang Hongbo, Deputy Secretary General of the party committee of Suining and mayor of Suining City Zhao Shiyong joined the vice governor along with city and county leaders Li Ren, Liu Hui, Deng Yun and Wen Qingli.


      The delegation visited the Daying Tourist Service Center, Romandisea construction site and the Chinese Dead Sea upgrading site, where she inquired about the new urbanization development, planning of tourism projects and progress of construction. Recent years have seen Daying County stick to new urbanization as an important driver of economic and social development. Driven by the mentality of “planning, foundation, infrastructures, people and environment”, the county has developed the plans, optimized the basics, strengthened the infrastructures, and through industry development, boosted popularity and generated businesses. The county improved its urban functions with the public needs as the root, enhanced urban image by the way of refined management, and accelerated the urbanization development by focus, innovation and hard work. Last 3 years have seen the county’s urban area expand by 3.6 sqkm to 16.5 sqkm, permanent population increase by nearly 40,000 to 122,000 people and urbanization rate jump 2.67%. In accordance with the general positioning of “a salt town of longevity and fun” and the provincial blueprint for tourism development, Daying County will exploit its own natural, ecological, historic, cultural, transportation and location advantages to incorporate the aim of building an “excellent tourism town” into the overall reform and development strategy, and transform the tourism industry into a leading, anchor industry. The county will ditch the traditional focus on scenic attractions, but will inject tourism elements into county-wide industry development, urban transformation and new countryside development initiatives. Daying has established a primary region-wide tourism development pattern anchored on the county seat as the tourist distribution center, and relying on the modern high-tech theme tourism at the cultural industry park in the west and the industrial corridor and TCM health tourism in the east. Fueled by an aim to develop quality tourism brand of international caliber, Daying is committed to enlisting strong strategic partners famous in the industry to invest in the county’s tourism industry. As well-known projects such as the Romandisea and China Fantasy Valley settle successfully in the county, the tourism sector is transforming from seasonal, scenic attractions to all-season regional tourism resorts.


      The Romandisea is a major tourism project currently being promoted by Daying County that will be built in line with the standards for an all-weather national 5-A cultural tourism resort. Through the sandbox, Huang Yanrong gained a detailed understanding of the plan for the Romandisea project and inspected the construction field. With the geological survey, field pavement and temporary construction facilities for the phase 1 all completed, the project is currently in full momentum with busy scenes everywhere. Huang Yanrong instructed different departments of all levels to give full supports to the project that is now listed as one of the top 50 major projects in the modern services sector in the province, so as to ensure a quality project and attract world attentions, making it an upgraded version of the “Chinese Dead Sea”.


      Huang Yanrong asked as she walked at the Chinese Dead Sea resort to learn about the transformation and upgrading of the Dead Sea and operations and management of the resort. She pointed out that we shall adjust operations and develop new channels as we upgrade the resort. By increasing amusement facilities and designing personalized, self-help products, we can attract more tourists and evolve from “season tourism” to “all-season tourism”.


      During the survey, Huang Yanrong emphasized that the county should fully utilize its excellent natural resources to build a differentiated tourist destination; solid efforts should be devoted to planning and pushing the projects under constructions, instead of blindly pushing the progress; for projects in operation, we should focus more on marketing, surveying and expanding into new markets; and projects in the same region shall collaborate and avoid homogenized competition in order to realize concerted high-speed growth.

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