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Romandisea to Introduce FOX Movie Theme Park

     A group of four executives including chairman and general manager of Seven Star Energy Investment Group Mr. Su Shaojun and Mr. Huang Li and DTZ associates met with senior executives of Sanderson Group in Shanghai on February 9th, 2015, where they engaged in in-depth deliberation and discussion in the attempt to commission the Sanderson Group to enlist 20th Century Fox for the Romandisea project.

     CEO of Sanderson Group Steve noted that as its movies Ice Age and Avatar made a hit in Asia and its merchandises are storming the Asian market, 20th Century Fox, after announcing to open its first Asian theme park in Malaysia in 2016, plans to open 3 to 5 theme parks in Asia in the next 3 years and is currently seeking opportunities in South Korea, China and India among other regions. As a long-term partner of 20th Century Fox, Sanderson Group is mainly involved in the design and construction of theme parks, amusement parks and high-tech equipments. The company is headquartered in Australia and has branches in Macau, India, Malaysia, China and Singapore. Sanderson Group works with Disneyland in a global scope, such as participating in the building of the Disneyland in Tokyo and designing a major number of projects in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Macau.

     Seven Star Energy Investment Group and Sanderson Group reached the intent of cooperation after the communication in which Sanderson Group pledged to try its utmost to bring the 20th Century Fox theme park to the Romandisea and showed immense optimism over the prospects of the project. Meanwhile, chairman of Seven Star Energy Investment Group Mr. Su Shaojun expressed the willingness to invite Sanderson Group to join in the creation and designing of high-tech theme projects in Romandisea, and promised to build, through joint efforts, an awe-inspiring international vacation resort and world tourist destination for global tourists that is immune to the sways of days, nights and seasons.
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