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Chairman Su Shaojun Interviewed at Boao Asia Forum 2015

    Chairperson of Seven Star Energy Investment Group Company Limited, Su Shaojun (on the right) in an interview with Xinhua.net on March 26th. Photograph by Xinua.net journalist Yu Tao

    Xinhua.net Boao March 26th report- “Titanic Foundation set up to promote Titanic spirit, aid global maritime disasters, reduce pains”. At the Boao Asia Forum Annual Conference 2015 held on March 26th, the popular Xinhua.net interviewed founder of the Titanic Foundation and chairman of Seven Star Energy Investment Group Company Limited, Su Shaojun.

    Host: What was your original intention to establish the Titanic Foundation?

    Su Shaojun: We do we set up such a foundation? One reason is we are currently building an unsinkable Titanic t promote the universal love manifested by the Titanic. The press conference for the unsinkable Titanic held in Hong Kong on January 12th last year triggered global attentions and was covered by more than 3,000 media outlets worldwide, which showed the global admiration of the Titanic spirit, a spirit that we are currently promoting. Throughout the development process, we have been looking for a physical manifesto of this spirit. And the best way I figured is to set up a foundation, the Titanic Foundation that is, whose main purpose is charity, offering assistance to global maritime accidents, thus reducing pains caused by such calamities. Also, we hope to promote the Titanic spirit in a world range through this foundation, and reward individuals and groups annually in this regard. We can therefore expand the global influences of our Titanic spirit this way.

    Host: We all know that the Titanic accident was a well-known maritime disaster in history. How did you come up with this name when you set to start this foundation?

    Su Shaojun: The Titanic as a maritime disaster alone would not trigger such splash one hundred years apart. It was the sense of responsibility, the spirit of women and kids first and selfless sacrifices shown in the disaster that are being admired by all humanity. The spirit of universal love was shown during the disaster therefore, rather than cooked up by us. And we hope to better promote such a spirit through this foundation.

    Host: Can you also talk about the main funding sources for and initiators of the Titanic Foundation and the revenue from the operation of the project?

    Su Shaojun: The Titanic Foundation is founded by the investor, builder, including Wuchang Shipbuilding Group, the general contractor of the project China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp., as well as a few of our companies. The funding mainly comes from five sections: firstly, 5% of the Titanic berth sales as the initial funding; secondly, 3% of the Titanic ticket sales, that is seals not profits, which must be known to everybody that 3% of the ticket sales will be used as sustainable funding; thirdly, 1% of ticket sales to the high-tech programs in the resort; next, part of the box office sales from a Titanic movie we are going to shoot; and fifthly, private donations and incomes from other Titanic operations, including from private charities. Through these five sources, we hope to grow the Titanic Foundation bigger and bigger.

    Host: You mentioned just now to shoot a Titanic movie. How will it differ from the namesake movie in history? And how is it progressing at the moment?

    Su Shaojun: We are currently pushing the movie forward with relentless efforts. We hope to express the Titanic spirit of universal love through this movie. It certainly might different from previous films in some angles. I can not yet reveal the specific details however. But you may see our entire process later on online or by watching our press conference.

    Host: You said the unsinkable Titanic will be a liner in the general practical sense. Can you explain this concept?

    Su Shaojun: When we came to the idea of building the Titanic, we always figured to rebuild as it originally was, and came up with a few options. This Titanic will be built and designed with respect to the blueprint of the original Titanic in the true sense, and moreover, it will comply with all the technical specifications of a present-day ocean liner. So our liner is really audited. And if we change the mock steam engine with a real one, it can sail to the sea. So for now we will just anchor there instead of setting sail.

    Host: What is your vision for the Titanic Foundation?

    Su Shaojun: The Titanic calamity and the spirit of universal love it represented have been watched and worshiped across the world. The foundation will therefore receive extensive attentions globally. Our news conference here at the Boao Asia Forum today will definitely draw world attentions. Committed to promoting universal love, the foundation is set to become a world renowned one.

    Host: Will you find a professional crew to do the movie or do it by yourselves?

    Su Shaojun: We have made preliminary communication with the Hollywood and reached some intentions as well. The specifics such as playwright, director and crews are still ongoing.

    Host: How about the script?

    Su Shaojun: We have the script now.

    Host: Will the story still focus on the Titanic calamity?

    Su Shaojun: Yes, and certainly more than the love affair. Things like universal love and humanity will also be touched.

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