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Titanic Foundation Launched Globally at Boao Forum for Asia

In the presence of emcee Yang Lan, former prime minister of New Zealand Jenny Shipley, chief representative of China’s WTO entrance negotiation team Long Yongtu and former head of the Commerce Department of US Gutierrez who also delivered keynote speeches at the main venue of the Boao Forum on the morning of March 27th, 2015, political and business leaders from countries across the globe, along with the press, witnessed the global inauguration of the Titanic Foundation, for which a grand press conference and launching ceremony were held. Assuming the sense of human responsibility, accountability and selfless universal love on its shoulders, the Titanic Foundation “set sail” globally at the forum.

Titanic becoming center of global flashlights at Boao Forum

Exactly what gave a charitable foundation such a powerful appeal to draw the camera lens of the press that was originally focused on “how the Asian economy develops”? And what casted it under the global flashlights?

According to the renowned presider Yang Lan, this foundation was founded in the name of the Titanic to spread “humanity and universal love across borders” at its core. The Hollywood blockbuster Titanic went viral globally in 1997. Through an astonishing story on the silver screen, people relished the sense of responsibility, courage and universal love showed by the people when the ocean liner sank, which represented the precious gem of human civilization. It is therefore safe to conclude that the real attraction of the event at the forum was the brilliance of universal love inherited by the foundation.

Founded to spread universal love

We have learned that the Titanic Foundation is founded by the investor of the world’s first life-size “unsinkable Titanic”, Seven Star Energy Investment Group, the designer GC HI-TECH INC. (U.S.A), builder Wuchang Shipbuilding Group, and the construction contractor China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp., which together makes it a transnational foundation. When asked why choosing the Boao Forum to kick off the foundation, the founder of this foundation, Mr. Su Shaojun remarked: the theme of this year’s Boao Forum is ‘Asia's New Future: Towards a Community of Common Destiny’; what is a community? I believe it should cross borders to strive for a common goal, be united and jointly pursue, progress and develop, which is consistent with the spirit of universal love promoted by the Titanic Foundation. The Titanic Foundation advocates and promotes positive energies and values of humanity, and actively inspires citizens worldwide to help each other at moments of major calamities regardless of borders, races, languages and believes, thus cultivating the highest spiritual concepts in hearts. The foundation strives to pass on and promote the “unsinkable” spirit of universal love through physical humanitarian cares and spiritual recognitions.

To continue an “unsinkable” legend through the Titanic Foundation

An embodiment of all the technological achievements made in the recent industrial revolution, this passenger liner built in the United Kingdom in 1912 was once celebrated as the unsinkable “Noah's Ark” created by the mankind. Unfortunately however, this huge liner sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean at its maiden voyage after a collision with the iceberg. Why do people still keep this part of history fresh on their mind after a century?

At the launching ceremony of the Titanic Foundation on the sidelines of the Boao Forum for Asia 2015, a top executive of the foundation Mr. Huang Li told the reporters that: the Titanic as a ship might not be so hugely remarkable. But why do people across the world still remember it? It is because of the universal love shown at moments of peril that still touches us today. Either the old captain and the 900 plus sailors that manned the ship until the last minute, or the billionaires that offered the chances of life to the women and children, or the musicians that played music on the deck until death… every story that happened then all represents a lofty spirit of humanity. Though the panels, nails and human bodies may have settled in the ocean, the soul of the ship was not conquered and its spirit will never drown. That is the reason behind the Titanic Foundation that aims to spread the Titanic spirit for eternity.

Achieving a Chinese dream through universal love, re-launching the Titanic

According to the press conference, the main funding sources of the Titanic Foundation include 5% of the Unsinkable Titanic cabin sales, 3% of ticket revenue of the Unsinkable Titanic, 1% of the ticket revenue of the Romandisea resort, part of the ticket sales of the movie New Titanic to be jointly made with Hollywood, and global donations and other incomes of the Unsinkable Titanic. The funding will be mainly spent on offering humanitarian cares for global maritime disasters, rewarding group or individual efforts to inherit the Titanic spirit, and global promotion of the Titanic Foundation and Titanic spirit through various charitable events.

To ensure a stable income for the Titanic Foundation, the real-life “unsinkable Titanic” has been certified by the classification society and commissioned to CSIC Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group to build the ship which is predicted to deliver in August 2017. Passenger liner companies will be enlisted globally to manage and operate the ship. The past glories of the Titanic are about to reemerge, taking us to one hundred years ago to feel the glow of humanity and universal love. We believe the Titanic spirit will spread across the globe with the development of the Titanic Foundation.

Spread human civilization and shoulder more social responsibility on the march towards a community of common destiny

 The chief representative of China’s WTO entrance negotiation team and former deputy minister of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Long Yongtu, former prime minister of New Zealand Jenny Shipley, and former head of the Commerce Department of US Gutierrez delivered a keynote speech at the press conference and highly commended the Titanic Foundation. Long Yongtu:… Jenny Shipley:… Gutierrez:…

Though focused on the economics, the Boao Forum shall also strive to build the core of spiritual civilization for any economic achievement lacking spiritual contents is but a superficial victory. Echoing the theme of this year’s Boao Forum- “Asia's New Future: Towards a Community of Common Destiny”, the Titanic spirit represents the very pursuit of a shared global dream that crosses physical borders. What sank to the bottom of the ocean on her maiden voyage was nothing but the shell. Her universal love, selflessness, accountability, spirit and soul have however taken deep roots in people’s hearts. This is a joint pursuit of spiritual civilization which seems ever more precious in a high-tech society of today. It was those sacrifices and greatness that have accomplished the unsinkable splendor of humanity.

We believe that the Titanic Foundation is not only a manifesto of the Titanic spirit, but a real action to spread human civilization and a cry-out for noble spiritual civilization.

News link: the Unsinkable Titanic

100 years ago, when the world famous ocean liner that set sail from the UK for New York, America, sank to the Atlantic Ocean on her maiden voyage after collision with an iceberg, it left us with an unforgettable memory. People are still amazed today at how the people aboard showed such enormous courage in front of death without escaping, and how they mustered such noble virtues to offer the lifeboats to the children and women, leaving themselves death.

The ship may have sunk, but the light of humanity has not. Until today however, this spirit has always lacked a physical space for memory and promotion. It is not a slogan but an action to promote the Titanic spirit and engage all mankind to join and appreciate the values of the Titanic spirit, because what truly touched people has been the “unsinkable” universal love.

On January 12th, 2014, “The Unsinkable Titanic- Global News Conference” was staged in splendor in Hong Kong, presided by the Phoenix TV hostess Sally Wu with Hollywood movie star Bernard Hill in presence and appointed the honorary lifetime captain. The world’s only life-size remake of the unsinkable Titanic, the spiritual totem of human civilization, has since set sail in Daying County, Sichuan Province and will permanently dock at the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort. The event was covered by more than 2,000 media outlets across the world and drew global attentions.

Built 1:1 to the size of the original Titanic 100 years ago, the “unsinkable Titanic”, measuring 269.06 meters long and 28.19 meters wide, possesses all the original functions including the ball room, theatre, first-class cabins, observation tower, decks and swimming pool to recapture the real scenes, while using high-tech tools to simulate lifelike thrilling experience of the ship’s collision with the iceberg.

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