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      A project eagerly anticipated by a billion of people around the world, the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort is located in the golden section between Chengdu and Chongqing—Daying County of Suining City, Sichuan Province. Featuring premier geographic location and regional advantages, Daying County boasts easy accessibility and crisscrossing roads with the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail and highways leading directly to the county which also claims a natural environment of rolling hills and profound history and culture, offering a solid foundation and unique conditions to develop tourism.
      As a collaboration between the Yongle Lake Tourism Investment & Development Company Limited owned by the Seven Star Energy Investment Group, GC Hi-Tech Inc. (U.S.A) and world leading teams with experience in the Hollywood, Disneyland and Universal Studios projects, this project is masterminded by world renowned designers, supported by globally advanced digital technology and anchored on world leading high-tech experiences that are comparable to those of Hollywood, Disneyland and Universal Studios. A real-size unsinkable, the world's only, Titanic is built here as well (already applied intellectual property protection in over 30 countries including China and the EU).
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      Covering approximately 10,000 mu (1 mu= 666.7 sqm) of planned area (including the water area) and a total investment of 10 billion RMB, the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort is a project centered on “experiences of world blockbuster movies and prime Chinese and foreign cultures” and incorporated of natural Mediterranean scenery and culture, tourism, shopping, recreation and vacation functions. As a project built immune to the changes of night and day, seasons and climate per international standards, it truly realizes a world tourist destination for fun around the clock and vacation throughout the year, and becomes a nationally, even globally recognized, one-of-a-kind, awe-striking resort for cultural tourism and vacation based on high-tech experiences.
      The project features Hollywood design, world's top digital technologies and romantic Mediterranean elements to deliver a high-tech-based cultural tourism experience.
      Focused on “experiences of world blockbuster movies and prime Chinese and foreign cultures”, the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort seeks to create China's first international tourism and vacation resort and world class tourism destination that is unmatched in three aspects: cultural contents, management services and technological contents.
      We are building not just a resort, but a spiritual home for the humanity.
      We are showing off not just digital high-tech, but the progress and culture of human civilization.
      A key project in Sichuan Province
      A major tourism project in Sichuan Province
      One of the top 50 projects in the services sector of Sichuan Province
      One of China's top 100 selected tourism projects
      “Distinguished Project for Creative Environmental Protection”, the United Nations Environment Program Foundation
      Location advantage:located in the golden section between Chengdu and Chongqing, 2 megacities with respective population topping 10 million, approximately 110 kilometers from Chengdu and 140 kilometers from Chongqing, the project is footed in the West Triangle (Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi’an) and reaches to the entire China and even the Southeast Asia.
      Technical advantage:we have brought in world's first-class designers with experience in Hollywood, Disneyland and Universal Studios, as well as world leading digital technologies to build a world tourist destination featuring international-level high-tech experiences.
      Environmental advantage:the project leverages the opportunity to build the Yongle Lake irrigation works, the intriguing natural environment and expansive lake, while incorporates Mediterranean cultural attractions, natural landscape, architecture and European culture to present a genuine, romantic Mediterranean experience.
      Traffic advantage:with direct access to high-speed trains and highways, Chengdu and Chongqing airports (the second new international airport of Chengdu especially) 1-2 hours drive apart, and seamless connection with parallel trails in the resort and the city transportation system, the resort allows highly convenient access.
      Customer advantage:based on the 3 million tourists visiting the Chinese Dead Sea every year (mainly in Summer), the Romandisea, upon its completion, is estimated to draw an additional 5-8 million tourists from home and abroad annually thanks to its tourism availability around the year.
      Management advantage:world famous brands and first-rate international management services are employed to provide wholesome management on the entire resort, as well as the hotels, attractions, recreational programs and experiences in the resort, thus establishing a hotel-style five-star service and management system.
      Cluster advantage:home to a major cluster of tourism projects such as the Chinese Dead Sea, Romandisea, the Chinese Fantasy Valley, Chinese Slow Valley, Urban Agri-Expo Garden and the Herbal Town, Daying is set to become a truly brilliant city of tourism in the next 2 to 3 years.
      Brand advantage:by tapping the global influences of the Titanic (the exterior design is under IP protection in over 30 nations including China and the European Union), we endeavor to build an international tourism and vacation resort and world-class tourist destination.

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