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      The 1st Real-life Show of 10,000-People State Banquet of Ancient Qi State in China
            Here, we go back 3,000 years to the ancient Qi State. Home to bountiful historic and cultural treasures, Daying County not only claims the “bamboo-salt-well” salt making technique celebrated as the “5th invention of ancient China”, but once sheltered the Qi civilization in the East Han period. Besides fully exploring the culture of ancient Qi State, we also recreate, in an ecological way, the history of the ancient Qi State through the unique architectural form and intangible cultural heritages. The ancient Qi State used to host a massive state banquet every noon when 10,000 of its subjects and people were invited to witness the grand wedding ceremony of the king. All the foods consumed at the banquet came from the green produce from its ecological farms. While dining, the visitors could experience the ecological farming, breathe in the fresh air and pamper themselves in the idyllic landscape and healthy life in the nature.
      Ecological Farm

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